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Mother Breastfeeding Baby


In-home physiotherapy based breastfeeding support for moms and babies.

Breast Conditions

Physiotherapy treatment for blocked ducts, mastitis, breast inflammation, and musculoskeletal discomfort.

Infant Neck & Jaw

Assessment and treatment of infant conditions such as torticollis, plagiocephaly (flat spot on head), tight jaw muscles, and difficulty achieving a wide, open mouth for latching.

Latch & Positioning

Help with achieving a deep latch, appropriate positioning for feeding, assessing and treating an uncoordinated suck, and more.

In your first appointment, you will be asked about your breastfeeding experience as well as the pregnancy, birth, and your medical history. Dana will examine the breast tissue if it is inflamed. She will assess your baby’s jaw, neck, and mouth. Dana's education has made her uniquely trained to assess a baby’s suck. A treatment and a plan will then be developed based on your personal goals and anything that was discovered during the assessment. This is not "Breast is Best" at all costs treatment. Dana will work with you towards your breastfeeding goals, whatever they look like.  

Physiotherapy for breastfeeding issues will typically require few appointments. You can expect to attend 1-4 times on average. Appointments average 1hr 15min and are $150/session. Please contact Dana directly by email or phone to book in home appointments.

For those preferring treatment in a clinic setting appointments can be made online at Back in Action Physiotherapy or by calling directly 604-962-0555. Please ask to book a breastfeeding appointment.

Breastfeeding Care: Service
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